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RiskReady aims to improve community resilience to natural hazards. It will improve your understanding of natural hazard risks to your property and help you plan to mitigate the risk of damage. Enter your address in the search bar below to see results for your property.

About RiskReady

Tasmania continues to experience bushfires, floods and other natural disasters that have major impacts on communities, the economy and the environment.

RiskReady has been developed with the aim of improving community resilience to these natural hazards by providing access to property-specific natural hazard information in a simple, understandable format.

The website also provides high-level advice on how to reduce the risk of property damage, and directs users to the relevant government agency for more information, including detailed risk mitigation and preparedness advice.

The information in RiskReady is designed to help property owners to understand, adapt and respond to the presence and risk of natural hazards on their land. However, RiskReady is designed to provide general guidance only, and planning and development decisions should not be made solely on the basis of the mapping.

The mapping data available through RiskReady has been developed by Tasmanian Government agencies. The following five hazards currently display on the RiskReady tool:

  • Bushfire-Prone Area: Tasmanian Fire Service
  • Bushfire Impact Area: Tasmanian Fire Service
  • Coastal Erosion: Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Coastal Inundation: Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Landslide: Mineral Resources Tasmania

More hazards will be added over time.

For more information about RiskReady, please contact the Department of Premier and Cabinet via email on