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Permanent Memorial

We recognise the importance of creating a permanent public memorial that is sensitive, appropriate and in line with the wishes of the family and the wider community.

 In June 2023, Inspiring Place was employed to design a permanent memorial.

Inspiring Place have been working with the directly impacted families who have wanted to be involved with the creation of the permanent memorial. The process has helped to choose the location for the memorial, and to develop a design for the memorial.  

Inspiring Place is now designing the permanent memorial and making sure the feedback from the directly impacted families is reflected in the design.

The memorial will:

  • be in a place that is accessible, where people can gather and connect;
  • be private, calming, reflective, enclosed, spiritual and quiet;
  • be beautiful and natural, playful, interactive, joyful, friendly and colourful; and
  • have artwork, lighting or sculptural elements to recognise the deceased children, including their names and favourite colours.

The community will be able to see the design and provide feedback. When the memorial design is finished, it will go through the Devonport City Council’s planning approval process. After this process the construction of the memorial can start.

The permanent memorial is fully funded by the Tasmanian Government.

The timeline for the next steps:

  • Final design (August 2024).
  • Council planning approval process (late 2024 / early 2025).
  • Construction (expected 2025).

Further updates and information will be provided here as the planning and development continues.